Valerie Cody Shares Her Beauty Secrets and Why She Became Vegan!

Lifestyle blogger Valerie Cody shares with Dr. Rob Berberian her passion for becoming vegan and what inspired her on her journey of learning about nutrition and changing to a plant based diet. Valerie shares her daily rituals, her secret for staying in shape and what real beauty means to her!


Instagram: @valcody

What inspired you to become vegan?

I always considered myself an animal lover with an interest in optimal health.  The fact is, I had never educated myself on the topic of veganism. From the outside looking in, it seemed like a restrictive way of eating; available only to celebrities or those with personal chefs.  To live without meat, dairy and eggs seemed difficult and unhealthy.  To say that I was incorrect is a gross understatement! After watching Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy and many other documentaries on Netflix, I learned that the opposite was true. Living without meat, dairy and eggs is actually the healthiest and most fun way to live! You could say I was ‘inspired’ to become vegan after learning the health benefits, and my resolve only strengthened when I educated myself on the environmental and animal welfare (you can’t humanely kill another being who wants to live) benefits.  I am currently studying for my certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

Do you have a daily ritual to help you keep grounded, happy and at peace?!

Certainly! Yoga and meditation are an important part of my day.  I also ride my bike everyday (heavy rain & thunderstorms permitting). This helps me to connect with myself while simultaneously enjoying the outdoors, breathing fresh air, and soaking up the sun.

You’re in such amazing shape!! What’s your fitness regimen?

Thank you so much! Aside from yoga and cycling, I also use a rowing machine.  I’ve always made sure to include planks as well.  Currently, my focus is ‘testing my limits’ when it comes to fitness.  I’ve been trying new moves in the gym such as the leg curl machine and weighted jump squats.

What defines real beauty to you?

Real beauty is showing love for yourself and others. Having the confidence to tell yourself: You know what? You’re beautiful and it’s okay to think so. We have to be our biggest cheerleaders. Confidence and beauty come from within. Real beauty is also opening our eyes to the world around us and being able to recognize when our actions are either contributing to more beauty or to cruelty — I choose cruelty-free living.

Three things you can’t live without?

  1. Good Music

  2. Sunshine

  3. My Secret-in-a-Tube facial mask, of course!

Creative Consultant: Rosy Mak