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Emira Kowalska shares her passion for vegan food and romantic secrets!

Vegan Chef and Funny Girl Emira Kowalska aka Emira Foods shares with Dr. Rob Berberian her inspiration behind becoming vegan, her upcoming projects and romantic and beauty secrets! Instagram: @EmiraFoods What inspired you to become vegan? A connection I made when I realized that a cow is not different from a dog in relation to their will to live. You have a cooking show in the works and an upcoming book! Can you share with us more about that?! I'd rather not give any details out yet as I'm taking my time with it but it will be humorous, raunchy, educational and include lots of easy plant based recipes a la' comfort-diner style.  What's the best romantic gesture a guy...

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Darbi Gwynn Reveals Her Vegan Lifestyle, Fitness and Beauty Secrets!

Actress and Vegan Taste Maker Darbi Gwynn shares with Dr. Rob Berberian her passion behind her vegan lifestyle and her fitness and beauty secrets!! Instagram: @DarbiGwynn What inspired you to be vegan? What inspired me to be vegan was a process. My mother was always into health and holistic approaches to life. She fed us a veg heavy diet with no sodas or candy. She became a vegan herself and continued to cut out any unnecessary "food" from her diet. She made the shift from emotional eating to nutritional eating long ago. Her steps towards health shaped a lot of my choices and attitudes towards food. I eventually educated myself more and more over the years about health, the mistreatment...

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