Brittany Wisniewski reveals her passion behind her plant-based Vegan diet and her tips to stay fit and healthy!

Plant-Based Nutrition Expert Brittany Wisniewski aka The Organic Blondie shares with Dr. Rob Berberian her passion behind leading a healthier lifestyle, fitness and food tips and beauty secrets!

Instagram: @TheOrganicBlondie

What inspired you to be vegan?

I have always been passionate about health.  So for me transitioning into a plant-based vegan diet was inevitable.  I was given a book by Kimberly Snyder called 'The Beauty Detox Diet', which opened my eyes to the unhealthy consequences of eating animal products.  The ethics of Veganism came later when I discovered the documentaries 'Earthlings' and 'Cowspiracy'.  Another documentary that I love is 'Seaspiracy' on YouTube.  It is all about the environmental and health consequences of eating seafood.  

You’re in great shape! What’s your fitness regimen?

Thanks!  I'm in love with at home workouts.  Kettle bell and HIIT are my favorite.  You can find some great workouts on YouTube.  I also love the occasional kickboxing class. 

Favorite vegan dish you like to make?

That is a hard one!  I'd have to say Buffalo cauliflower bites. They're so good!  You can find the recipe on Pinterest.  I love to add them on top of a big salad with romaine lettuce and Hampton Creek Vegan Caesar Dressing. 

What’s the sweetest gesture someone can make to win your heart? 

Anything that involves vegan pizza is a great start!  :P

Three things you can’t live without?!


  1.  My Vita-mix blender.

  2.  A good book.

  3.  Secret in-a-Tube Organic Sunscreen of course!  I love that it is fragrance free too!

Creative Consultant: Rosy Mak