Brenda Kovar Shares Her Fashion, Beauty and Workout Secrets!

Stylist Brenda Kover shares with Dr. Rob Berberian her source for fashion inspiration, dating advice and how to be beautiful from the inside out! Brenda gives us an insight to her workout regimen and shares her secret beauty tip!

Instagram: @BrendaKovar

You have such an awesome sense of style! What’s your source of inspiration?

I find inspiration from myself, I don't have a goto person or magazine...just what I think looks good on me with being comfortable. I tend to dress very basic. I have about 10 of the same t's and tanks each in black and white and about 5 of the same button up in blue. It makes getting dressed easy, and then I add the appropriate shoes, jacket and bag. I know I like the fit and then every shirt I wear I know is my favorite shirt;)

What defines real beauty to you?

It might sound cliché but first you have to be in love with your inner self and then do things on the outside which make u feel better to enhance your true love...without self inner love nothing you do superficially will make you truly beautiful. But don't get me wrong clothes, skincare and hair all help me feel beautiful, most importantly make your inside great first.

What’s the best dating advice you can give us?

Oh where to start I have so much;)...I would say trust your first instinct. If something feels off 95% it is is, not question yourself for whatever reason. This will save you from wasting time (which goes by fast) Trust your first instinct, it is more right than you think! Sometimes for whatever reason we want something to work that we know won't or isn't working, so STOP, you will just find a better one and the right one faster.

You are in such amazing shape! What’s your workout regimen?!

To stay in shape I work out as often as I can! The key is to not set too high of expectations, if I get to the gym and only to 10 minutes (or at home) it's better than nothing. If I don't feel like doing cardio, I don't...

Three things you can’t live without? 

1) My Secret-in-a-Tube Facial Mask as it has cleared my bumpy broken out skin. For whatever reason my skin has been so broken out and bumpy which is unusual for me so I stopped using all my other skincare (until my skin is back to normal) and have been using the mask every day, I swear my skin is 90% better after only 5 days of use!...and love how it is all natural, vegan...

2) My laptop computer

3) Family, friends, dog (that all counts as one doesn't it;/)

Creative Consultant: Rosy Mak